off-world community application

Proudly Human’s Off-World Project is a series of habitation experiments in the most extreme environments on Earth. During each experiment of several months, a carefully selected team will arrive in an isolated location, build all of their infrastructure from scratch, run projects and live as a community. The experiment will generate data, exploration-driven innovation and research and be filmed for a documentary series to be broadcast and distributed to a global audience. 

Do you have the right stuff? We are looking for resilient people with diverse expertise, a passion for adventure, and a story to tell. Off-World Community members need skills to contribute to life-support, which includes safety, shelter, power, water, food and communication systems, as well as community spirit, which is anything that contributes to a sense of well-being within the team.

Apply to join our Off-World Community and be considered for participation in upcoming habitation experiments in the most extreme environments on Earth.  


“I’ve been sharing my vision for Proudly Human’s Off-World Project with hundreds of audiences on all seven continents the past few years. Really excited to launch the application process. Do you have the right stuff?”     – Dr Adriana Marais

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